Technological Research Center of W. Macedonia

The Technological Research Center (TRC) of W. Macedonia is a Private Entity, supervised by the Ministry of Education Lifelong Learning and Religions. It is based in Kozani, it is connected to the Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia and it is also supported by the laboratories of the Universities of Western Macedonia.

The purpose of the TRC of Western Macedonia is the:

  • Promotion of technological research
  • Application of scientific and technological findings for the solution of specific problems of the productive process, of the social economic growth of the Region of Western Macedonia
  • Improvement of methods and processes with which the needs of this Region and thus of the country are served
  • Development of applications and products, provision of services and
  • Support of industrial-manufacturing units.

The promotion and the systematization of technological research, its connection with the production, innovation, and quality of products, applications and services is an imperative need for the development of the country in regional and by extension in national level. In order to achieve the above purposes, the TRC of Western Macedonia:

  • Maintains a bidirectional relationship with the productive units of its region and the organized sectors of the economy of its region.
  • Cooperates with the Technological Educational Institute of W. Macedonia, with which is connected and promotes the growth of relationships with other Tertiary Institutes, Centers of Researches, Academic Researching Institutes etc., of the country or abroad and with Ministries or other public or private sectors.
  • Conducts studies and performs specific technological programs in third order or jointly with others, or other programs that fall under its goals.
  • Diligents the organization and the financing of researching technological programs in Greece and abroad, of publications, seminars and conferences.
  • Produces technological products and provides services associated with its researching-technological interests.
  • Develops any other activity related to its purposes.
  • Promotes the transfer of advanced technology and expertise.

A number of research sectors operate in the TRC of Western Macedonia today, covering all of the production interest in the Western Macedonia Periphery. TRC meets all the requirements so that it constitutes a complete centre in Western Macedonia – a catalyst of self-sustained technological and business development in the region.  




Region of Western Macedonia


The Region of Western Macedonia, in which the Technological Research Centre is established, is located in the northwest edge of Greece. The Region is bordered northwest with Albania and F.Y.R.O.M. and consists of the prefectures of Kozani, Grevena, Kastoria and Florina. It has a total extent of 9.451 km2. It is a predominantly mountainous area with intense terrain, important natural resources such as fossil energy, minerals, forests (50% of its total area) and pastures. It has one of the largest clusters of lakes in Europe and 65% of surface water recourses of the country.


The alternation of mountainous with low land surprises the visitor. Mountains, plateaus, fertile plains, the largest river of the country Aliakmonas, the cold “WarmValley” (Valia Kalda), one of the two oldest lakes of Europe Great Prespa companion over the years with its smallest and youngest sisters, complete the rich tapestry of nature in Western Macedonia.


According to the findings the first people in the area appeared in the Stone Age, but the first settlements were created during the Neolithic Era. In the archaic period the ancient city of Aiani dominates as the capital of the kingdom of Elimia. Apart from the Land of Elimeia ancient districts of Lyncestis of Eordaia and Oresteida seal the history of Western Macedonia. Here beats the heart of the state of Macedonia and from here the campaign of Alexander the Great is fed. The monuments testify to the strong presence and involvement of the region during both the Byzantine and the post Byzantine period.


The traditional products of Western Macedonia satisfy the most demanding guests. Cheese, meats and sausages, beans and pasta, wine and raki,  saffron, fruits, sweets and jams, and the "wild" offspring of the  land of Macedonians, hunting, freshwater fish, mushrooms, chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts, attract the lovers of exceptional flavor and make the area an ideal destination culinary pursuits.


The area is rich in rural tourism, water sports and winter sports facilities, more than enough in order to accept and fulfill large volume of tourists all over the year.